At Joe Butts Photography we specialize in people on location. Whether your needs are for portraits, weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs or commercial photography, Joe Butts will create illustrative, Lifestyle portraits that will express the individual's personality, interests and character.

Your photography can be done in your home, office, outdoors or another location that is special to you and yours. This is all part of our planning process, which starts with a thorough consultation.

We begin by discussing how and where the portrait will be displayed. What is the visual space the portrait is to occupy? This helps us determine the appropriate size. What are the colors in the room? How can we incorporate all this to design and plan your very special and unique art piece? You will be working directly and personally with the artist throughout the entire process.

We can capture your image(s) on traditional film or the latest, greatest in digital imaging devices. This allows you to have your photographs in whatever format you need for your purposes.

We want the photographic session to be a fun and memorable experience. Joe refers to it often as, "going out to play." It's what he loves to do and when you see him work, you know he is in his "bliss" creating a beautiful art piece for you.

When your art piece is finished, if you want to make it a special event, we will be pleased to deliver your portrait, hang it for you and unveil it in celebration with you and your family, friends and colleagues. Break out the champagne Harold! Doesn't that sound fun?

In addition to being a people specialist, Joe Butts does very clean, product photography for catalogue and brochure or web use. See the Commercial Gallery page for some examples.

Why don't you call and discuss your special needs with him right away? (575) 388-2826

For more information about the artist, Joe Butts, see About the Artist.

Where are we located?
211 Camino de Viento
Silver City, New Mexico 88061

By Appointment Only - Thank You

Although now located in New Mexico, we are still taking assignments and photographing internationally as well as throughout the United States.

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