"Every picture tells a story....."

Joe Butts' approach to portraiture is to discover the personal story behind each and every subject. He expresses this individuality through the highly refined art of photographic portraiture.

There is another saying that, "A craftsman creates with his hands; an artist creates with his heart." A portrait by Joe Butts is truly a portrait by the hand, the eye and the heart. Joe cares...about your feelings as well as your appearance. He cares that his portraits show each of these qualities. His relaxed, caring manner invites you to forget the camera and be yourself.

What about those special moods and moments you would like to capture forever?...the wonder of childhood, the energy and emerging individuality of a teenager, the tender and joyous love of the newlyweds, the pride of parents with their newborn, the strength and tenacity of success and the wisdom of maturity. Unfortunately, the joys of life are fleeting. We can't capture them, but much of their sweetness and fullness can be retained and continually re-experienced through the sensitive portraiture of Joe Butts. It is not too surprising to hear clients use such words as, "breathtaking" and "emotionally compelling" to express their feelings.

Don't let your special moments simply slip away. Joe Butts has that rare blend of human understanding and technical expertise to help you preserve them. Why not call today and talk with him about your special portrait needs?

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